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The family moved to Clipgate Farm in April 1954 from Dymchurch. The holding consisted of 10 acres of land, a timber bungalow, chicken sheds and pigstys. In the first few years we produced eggs, which were sold to the public in the neighbouring towns and villages via an egg round, pork pigs were also reared for sale at Canterbury & Ashford Markets. Over the years the farm slowly grew in size and diversity.

In 1962 agricultural contracting was added to the enterprise making the ownership of our tractors and machinery more cost effective.

In 1983 the first aircraft landed at Clipgate, it was a Demon Sky Trike flown by a friend. The farm now has a grass runway that is used by the resident aircraft plus the odd visitor.

The next addition to the farm diversification was in 1986 with the opening of our Caravan Club Certified Location for business.

The farm now grows approximately 200 acres (82 Ha) of combinable crops, 160 breeding ewes and approximately 50 head of cattle. Clipgate has 11 acres of woodland, with the trees being coppiced every 16 years. The timber is used for fence stakes and firewood.

The farm has a positive wildlife policy with the construction of a pond in the mid 1980s to compliment the woodland habitat. What next? Who Knows!